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The data deluge has arrived. Data-driven science is accelerating rapidly, but without the necessary social, technical, or policy infrastructure to support the capture, management, curation, use, and reuse of those data. Universities, libraries, funding agencies, and investigators are making critical decisions about what data to keep, in what form, for how long, and at what price. Academic programs are struggling to teach new skills in data management and policy, within the disciplines and within the information professions. All of these efforts are hampered by the lack of robust research that compares sites, disciplines, practices, and policies over a long period of time.

The UCLA Knowledge Infrastructures Team studying data, data practices, and data curation brings to this problem several decades of research experience in the social studies of science, digital libraries, and information systems design and development. Related projects by each of the investigators are linked individually.

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News, February 2014:

Four current and two alumni UCLA Knowledge Infrastructures team members @UCLA_KI joined UCLA Social Science Data Archive librarian, Libbie Stephenson, at the 9th International Digital Curation Conference #IDCC14 in San Francisco.

L to R: Mayernik, Rolando, Stephenson, Darch, Borgman, Sands, and Wallis.
Photo by G. Mood.


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