KI intern, Jaklyn Nunga, presented her undergraduate thesis research to the UCLA community at Powell Library. Her poster was titled Motivational Youtube Channels and the Public Spheres of Interaction: Creator Intentions and User Commenting Constraints.

More information on this, and the other presentations during Powell Undergraduate Research Week, is available in PDF.


ABSTRACT: The dissemination of media is constantly undergoing transformations with increasing technological
innovations and intensifying use of the Internet. The video-sharing website YouTube represents such
contemporary transformations with new voices and visions rising in midst of traditional media. This
research presents a case study of one new voice that I identify as motivational. I draw upon a set of
semi-structured interviews with a motivational channel’s creators, an analysis of the channel’s
commenting section, and participant observations of YouTube-related events. I examine the intentions
and origins of these creators’ content and how those translate among audience’s responses. In addition, 8
I critically examine the affordances and hindrances of YouTube’s commenting interface and compare it
to the conversations existing within it. I argue that YouTube has provided an outlet for creativity that
challenges traditional media’s expectations allowing for increased diversity in content. Motivational
videos particularly employ and encourage viewers to converse; however, my analysis shows YouTube
commenting interface possesses inherent structural constraints hindering users from meaningful
engagement. The conversations I observe are often limited and unengaged by fellow audience members
indicating an unrealized community of practice.


Jaklyn Nunga's poster presentation on May 13, 2014.

Jaklyn Nunga’s poster presentation on May 13, 2014.

Jaklyn Nunga's presents her research at UCLA Powell Library on May 13, 2014.

Jaklyn Nunga’s presents her research at UCLA Powell Library on May 13, 2014.