On March 11, 2016, as part of her work with the University Committee on Academic Computing and Communications (UCACC), Professor Borgman participated in a discussion about a controversial data monitoring system at University of California (UC) campuses ordered by UC president Janet Napolitano. Other participants in the conversation were faculty members and students from UC Berkeley, an Internet security expert, and a policy analyst. This discussion, part of Dr. Borgman’s ongoing work supporting UC privacy concerns, was covered by Laura Sydell, NPR.


Dr. Borgman also co-chairs the Academic Senate/UCLA Administration Data Governance Task Force formed to recommend a campus governance mechanism in response to the increasing demand for data about UCLA students, faculty and staff as featured by IDREĀ  and Ampersand.


Listen and read more about the discussion broadcasted by NPR: At Calif. Campuses, A Test For Free Speech,Privacy And Cybersecurity


Read the full transcript of the discussion published by APR