Professor Christine Borgman gave a number of presentations during SciDataCon 2016, September 12-13, Denver, Colorado. She was a session organizer of a panel discussion How, When, and Why are Data Open? Competing Perspectives on Open Data in Science. Dr. Borgman presented Open Data in Astronomy Sky Surveys on behalf of the UCLA Center for Knowledge Infrastructures (CKI) and Ashley Sands, who could not join the panel. Irene Pasquetto, also from CKI, presented Making “Open Data” Work: Challenges for Data Integration in Genomics Research. Other panelists were Matthew Mayernik, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Mark Parsons, Research Data Alliance (RDA), and Vicky Wolf.

At the end of SciDataCon 2016, Professor Borgman gave the closing plenary keynote If Data Sharing is the Answer, What is the Question? The keynote presented the latest CKI research work and analysis within a project with the same title supported by Sloan Foundation.

Earlier this week, at the NISO Symposium Privacy Implications of Research Data, Dr. Borgman gave a presentation titled Privacy, Policy, and Data Governance in the University. Both SciDataCon and the NISO symposium were among the events within the International Data Week 2016, taking place in Denver, Colorado, September 11-17.


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