A climate projection image from the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) platform.

A climate projection from the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) platform.

The Center for Knowledge Infrastructures co-organize and co-sponsor with the UCLA Department of Information Studies a Teach-in & Workshop event to sustain access to essential data on climate change.

Date: 9am-3pm, January 20, 2017

Location: Dept. of Information Studies, GSEIS Room 111, UCLA

Information and RSVP: http://www.climatedataprotection.net/

The workshop includes a morning teach-in about the political vulnerabilities of scientific data and afternoon break-out groups to make creative and concrete interventions in data protection.

The UCLA workshop follows on activities to rescue government data begun at the University of Toronto, the Internet Archive, and the University of Pennsylvania. These constituents have come together to archive important science and climate data. The UCLA Department of Information Studies’ activities draws upon our expertise in data and information sciences, and archival practice.

Activities for Teach-in:
Learn about data policy and politics
Basic issues of identifying datasets at risk
Basic principles for targeting and saving specific data sets.
Basic guidelines on “how to save your data”
Methods of visualizing the broad ecosystem of climate data

Skills needed: We need all kinds!
People who can identify climate data sets that could be vulnerable to loss or neglect
People with knowledge of government websites and databases
People with a knowledge of research pertaining to climate science
People with library and archive skills
People interested in mapping small datasets or inaccessible climate data
Hackers who can extract and duplicate data and URLs from databases